Glocal Welcome!! :)

Many told me that blogs are usually made to bring out your experiences or feelings on a particular topic. They aren’t wrong, though I felt that a blog could also be used to increase the range of connectivity and to explore different perspectives and opinions of people. I believe this would improve the level of understanding between people. This famous phrase:- Think Globally, Act Locally was one of the main aspects that intrigued me to start Glocal Outlook.Furthermore, Local outlook v/s Global perspective is an important issue that leads to different opinions in several aspects of life. Hence, this blog is about holistic viewpoints in certain aspects like Education, Economics & World politics, Sports and Entertainment. I will also post some of my own experiences and viewpoints on some of these topics.

Furthermore, at Glocal Outlook, we’ve got a team of passionate and thought-provoking authors who provide different perspectives through their articles which thereby provides a holistic outlook to not you but also the entire blog.

Lastly, as I am looking at different perspectives and vision on several issues, I would love to have a feedback from all of you on your perspective on topics discussed or even your viewpoint on this blog. You can mail me your feedback on:

So explore the blog and I hope you enjoy reading it.
Shyam Anjaria

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4 Responses to Glocal Welcome!! :)

  1. Daniel your Business Society buddy says:

    Love you Shiam, and don’t forget the Bigantus Gigantus is good for biomass

  2. Daniel your Business Society buddy says:

    Love you Shyam, amazing blog, and forget the bigantus gigantus is good for biomass

  3. thank’s for this blog.

  4. Pranjulaa says:

    Heyy! You’ve been nominated for the Very inspiring blogger award! You’re worth it! Keep up the good work!
    Details :

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